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I'm a sex truther. Sexual climax does not occur! It doesn't exist. Social construct.

I'm interviewing with 8 people over the span of 4-5 hours tomorrow, wish your little boy luck

kind of surprised nobody started a yospos fediverse instance

1. I already have multiple users/filesystems with permissions and don't want to slam everything into one directory owned by the nextcloud user
2. PHP :(
3. WebDAV slow

Please give me your criticisms of Nextcloud so I can determine if mine are being too unreasonable

Hot take: the ~ homedir convention in urls is fucking dumb

Fediverse day 1: Ahhh I'm going to follow everyone and we'll all be friends
Fediverse day 400: Ahhh your posts are bad and make my brain feel bad

I want to move to a different instance mostly to escape all the political irony shit posters I followed back out of obligation

List fediverse instances sorted by ideology and what other instances they block

include how to build your app!!!! in your readme!!!! doofus!!

I kind of dont want to run my own fedo instance anymore

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