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Please give me your criticisms of Nextcloud so I can determine if mine are being too unreasonable

Hot take: the ~ homedir convention in urls is fucking dumb

Fediverse day 1: Ahhh I'm going to follow everyone and we'll all be friends
Fediverse day 400: Ahhh your posts are bad and make my brain feel bad

I want to move to a different instance mostly to escape all the political irony shit posters I followed back out of obligation

List fediverse instances sorted by ideology and what other instances they block

include how to build your app!!!! in your readme!!!! doofus!!

I kind of dont want to run my own fedo instance anymore

today when I got coffee my total came to $3.11 and i was like haha investigate 311 and the barista laughed politely

Computers are terrible. But at least they let you be miserable while making really good money.

welp guess I'll take this assessment test tomorrow and see how unqualified at my own job I am lol

someone please tell me if shinobi ever got his revenge

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