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If I hadn't gotten married almost immediately after my dad died I'm 99% sure I would've domed myself by now

I'm seriously about to scrap a perfectly fine working truck all because I haven't had any time to put the front suspension back on it for the past two fucking years because of my stupid STUPID fucking job and life FUCK this is driving me insane

I don't want to see the stupid fucking rabbit woman on my timeline anymore, thank you

Pal I'm sure it's great being smartso mcbigbrain and all but not everybody is up there with you

Love it when people cry about how the future sucks and web UI's are garbage and everyone should just use CLI tools cause it's not that hard!!!! meanwhile over the span of three jobs none of my coworkers with literal "software engineer" in their title have been able to wrap their baby brains around anything that didn't have clicky buttons on it

"After an awful ownership experience with my Mercedes, Iโ€™m planning to replace it with an LR4 (L319) or Range Rover Sport (L320) and couldnโ€™t be more excited. "

extremely dark laughter

My large son, the cat, is getting antibiotics for a respiratory infection and gets a date with an x-ray if he doesn't perk up in a few days

Time to kick in the new year right, by taking my sick cat to the vet

๐Ÿ‘จ "So what languages do you like to program in for fun? :)"

I'm sorry what the fuck did you just say me

machine learning to detect anime & homestuck avatars and automatically block

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