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Jeff Bezos lays on his back, his belly baking in the hot sun, beating his legs trying to turn himself over, but he can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping. Why is that?

Code review but itโ€™s just that FUCK YOU BALTIMORE video

Call me crazy but I feel like >$500 is a little too much to pay for a Sun E450

the 'alright that's cool!' soundbite from third strike plays in my brain at least once a day

watch this space for the WOOOPS just bought a 16 fxs port channel bank!!!! toot next month

Can't wait for WebAssembly to catch on so I can do some bare metal browsing

I can't even begin to imagine Americans getting out and rioting over something like gasoline tax and that's why this country sucks ass

if you regularly schedule craigslist posts advertising that you're looking for/buying certain things I'm going to find you and break your legs

the joke is if they have opinions on linux distros i don't hire them

I'm going to be in the position of interviewing people again soon and I think I"m just going to start asking people if they have opinions on Linux distros

Just spent the last 30 minutes reading about what kind of stupid air fittings I need

You don't have to be anyone or do anything. It's okay.

As long as you have compassion and curiosity you're perfect in my book.

There is no singular way to be. There is no center. No ground on which to rest. The way to not drown in the gulf between reality and your expectation is to not panic and flounder.

Lay back and float until you have the strength to swim with deliberate, patient strokes.

Help each other; in the end we are all we have.

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