@KitRedgrave knock yourself out my friend. I did that on a garbage legacy Java8/Swing project at my last job.

@KitRedgrave you can but it's not going to be a good time unless you desperately love flipping back and forth between the JDK reference documentation in a browser and your editor

Oh right, Funkwhale is primarily french. Now everything makes sense.

Maybe I should just write my own web interface to beets as an exercise in 'modern' web apps :X

oh you can.. only add individual tracks... one at a time... to playlists...

Not being able to browse by genre or any other metadata... just wow...

๐Ÿคซ "federation" is the new "blockchain"

I feel like the 'browse and find stuff in my music library' UX question has been solved for a very long time now but everyone's gotta reinvent the wheel

@vogon who the fuck told this asshole the wu-tang secret

@vogon *morgan freeman voice* they did not do anything useful

Does anyone want to learn how to set up your own web server??? be sure to like/share/subscribe

My new brand is now making youtube videos where I recite readily available documentation while typing things into a terminal

Love to work in an industry that feels like it's specifically trying to keep me out of it

I get to spend all of next tuesday interviewing for a job I've already been doing for half a year :) :) :) :)

It's me, the complain guy, here with another thread of complaining about shit 1/100

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