kind of surprised nobody started a yospos fediverse instance


i think @gar was lookin into it and I think got it up (heh) but I think the general consensus was "why bother"

just add yosposters and stay away from the global feed and it's the same thing

@rotor @xomputer half the problem is that once again someone designed a hot new internet protocol w/o using SRV records and the standard idiot way of doing things is to cname the root but I’m using that domain for mail which is incompatible w the cname approach basically tech is once again horse shit don’t bother.

@gar @xomputer

i'm sorry but i stopped reading at "internet protocol w/o SRV" so I'm assuming the tweet boils down to "the problem is computer bullshit and its too much work"

@rotor @xomputer "computer bullshit built w/o even a cursory glance at the problems people before you have solved"

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