Good news everyone, turns out you can’t have “software engineer” in your title if you don’t have a degree

Looking forward to my new career as a "systems integrator" or whatever the fuck

@xomputer in Canada this is literally true, us non P.Eng degree holders have to call ourselves “developers” per the Engineering and Geosciences Professions Act.

@xomputer (for all I know you’re also Canadian and I just went all ‘splainy on you; sorry)

@xomputer I also agree tbh, and also Canadian engineering culture is weird as hell and I’m at peace with missing out on

@xomputer that's horseshit

remember that Ohio programmer who got fined when he pointed out that a traffic light was timed wrong because he described himself as an "software engineer" when he didn't have a P.E.

@io it's even funnier because software engineer is a fake title

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