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this toot is dedicated to all those cyberpunks who fight against injustice and corruption every day of their lives

Thinking about giving Pleroma a shot considering what a massive pain operating Mastodon is.

Nobody complained which only solidifies my desire to stop running this instance.

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I broke federation for 2+ days because I stuck a single cert in for instead of the full chain, woops.

That feel when you murder the fuck out of your home timelines

Now for some downtime as I move all of this garbage out of docker compose and under terraform

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Finally got behind Traefik so I can stop forgetting to update my letsencrypt TLS certs

Wiring up all my container deployments in Terraform instead of using docker-compose because that's the kind of world we live in now

just so I am not accused of sub-tooting I am 110% talking about the pinebook pro which is acceptably bad $200 hardware saddled with an out of the box OS distro put together by fucking children who don't know what they're doing

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'here's an image, just flash it onto your storage, the username/pass is just linux/linux and if you try to add a new user everything breaks' is not a valid OS installation method

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The folks who maintain OS distributions and the folks who build garbage chinese ARM SoC computers should never ever mix

90% of this is that the default mastodon interface is unadulterated hot garbage and I'm not sure why I have to browse my timeline in a 400px narrow column

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Hi folks, I don't toot much or read my toots that much. I've been at a new job for a couple months and it's pretty okay.

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