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this toot is dedicated to all those cyberpunks who fight against injustice and corruption every day of their lives

90% of this is that the default mastodon interface is unadulterated hot garbage and I'm not sure why I have to browse my timeline in a 400px narrow column

Hi folks, I don't toot much or read my toots that much. I've been at a new job for a couple months and it's pretty okay.

Is anyone getting paid to make sure shit works on vax? No? FuuuUUUUck off then

Imagine thinking itโ€™s reasonable to try to shame core developers into supporting a platform nobody seriously uses

I've always looked down on FF7 in favor of 6 and 5 but I can finally see what made this so amazing at the time, they're just going all out on the camera angles and sweeps

it ages SO badly though, especially considering the 15fps battle mode

I got that Final Fantasy VII switch port and this may be surprising but it's my first time giving that game a serious go and it turns out all they had to do to make the game good is add in a 3x speedup and god mode

Streaming is garbage. I should be able to load up my mastodon client and download all the latest toots like a qwk packet.

I'm a sex truther. Sexual climax does not occur! It doesn't exist. Social construct.

I'm interviewing with 8 people over the span of 4-5 hours tomorrow, wish your little boy luck

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